Home is where the Horse is.......
Hidden Acres Foxtrotters
Horses we have sold
This page is dedicated to the horses we have known and
loved........may you never know the pangs of hunger, the
despair of negligence, or the pain of a harsh hand.  May your
current and future owners realize that if they should ever fall
upon unforeseen hard times and can no longer care for you,
they can call and I will come get you.  You will ALWAYS have a
home here.
Poseidon, aka "Stalker"

Don Runde, IL
Popper's Victorian Bell , aka "Tori, and new
owner Marlene Smith of Ava, MO
Rhapsody in Blue, aka "Pixie"

Cindy Carver of Rolla, MO
Eye Poppin Cricket, aka "Cricket"

Tom and Sharon Johnson of MN
Lad's Lady Airbone, aka "Arielle"
Susy's Nickabopper, aka "Nikki"

Sabine Franck  from Scotland
Rose's Silver Anna , aka "Anna"

Joyce Goldbach of PA
Sensation's Moonbeam, aka "Beamer"

Joyce Goldbach of PA
Wizard's Diamond Dazzler, aka "Dazzle"

Joy Morris, Brazil IN
Bad News Domino C , aka "Domino"

Brittany of MO
Ruby's Lucky Charmer, aka "Charmer"

Nancy Middleton of NY     

(Charm is the spotted horse)
Wizard's Tennessee Thriller, aka "Tessa"

John Heldt of IN
Sparkling Sunni, aka "Sunni"

Wayne & Sylvia Anderson of IA
(Racking Horse Assn)

Sold to young lady in MI
Lady of the Lakes, and 2008 blue roan filly by
Wizard, Starry Night

Sold to Katherine Kirkpatrick of TX

Wizard's Smoky Diamond

Jen Ferguson of IN
Bossman's Little Playboy

Sold to Kevin McWilliams of Pembroke,
True Blue Classy Gal

Sold to Kevin McWilliams of Pembroke,

Yo Ho's Priscila

Sold to Eva & Jirka of the Czech Republic