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Hidden Acres Foxtrotters
Wizard is a 1994 year old true black stallion with some of the best bloodlines to be
found in the breed. He was Sired by World Champion "Duke's Cast Iron Willy", and
out of the late, great Res World Grande Champion mare, " Classy Sassy M." Wiz
inherited his winning ways from his parents, and is passing them along to his foals.

Wiz is just barely 15.0 hands, and weighs 1000 pounds. He has been shown
successfully on the west coast, and in Ava, Mo.

Cast Iron Wizard H is genetic gem, consistantly producing horses as good or better
than himself. He is performance horse born and bred, which has contributed to his
successful show career that has spanned most of a decade.

A strong natural head shake, ear flop, and that big front end are qualities that we are
fortunate enough to be able to take for granted in his offspring. Icing this particular
cake is a calm and accepting disposition, and a gorgeous head that he stamps
almost all of his foals with.

When we have visitors to the farm who have limited riding experience, he is usually
they one they are boosted up on to experience the feel of a foxtrotter. Kind and
forgiving of mistakes, he waits patiently for them to settle themselves into the
saddle, and doesn't get upset if they take a bit of 'extra time' while attempting to
swing all the way up.

He is also my farrier's favorite horse to work on, and my favorite when it comes time
to bathe or clip. "Serenity, thy name is Wizard", lol.

If this is the sort of disposition you want in your foal, I would highly recommend him.
Unfortunately for our promotional efforts, it has also been his downfall, because the
local foxtrotter owners use him to create excellent trail horses who are exceptionally
calm & unflappable. While this is not a bad thing, indeed, it makes me very happy to
know that there are so many Wiz-kids out there carrying their riders through the
beautiful Indiana countryside, it means that they are not SHOWING these foals.

The best promotion for any stallion are winning offspring, but they can't be judged in
they're not taken to the showring.

Getting people to show some of these awesome babies is our new goal, so
therefore we are offering a discounted fee to mares who have gotten a reserve or
higher in a performance class at Ava.

In the meantime, check out this site for pictures and videos of Wiz-kids, and see for
yourself what he is producing. I don't think you will be disappointed.

2009 stud fee is $400 with Life Foal Guarantee.   We are now offering shipped,
cooled semen to anywhere in the continental US.    To the delight of both us and our
customers, he is shipping very very well.    We'd like to extend a huge thank you to
our customers who have supported us in this new venture.

For 2009, we are also offering Frozen Semen to our friends outside the US and
This will be handled through Gumz farms, and is subject to their collecting and
processing fees.  
visit this fabulous facility at:

We do offer a multiple mare discount, please inquire.

Who was Classy Sassy M? Click below  to view her Tribute page, from her owner
(and Wizard's breeder), Handel Ranch.
Cast Iron Wizard H.