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Hello~ welcome to our website. We are glad you found us.  Hidden Acres is a
small operation, located on 10 acres in west-central Indiana. We feature a
very nice stallion at stud, the occasional horse for sale, and a couple horses
available for half-lease, but our main endeavor is promotion of the foxtrotting
breed. If you have never had the opportunity to get to know a foxtrotter,
please do yourself a favor and call to arrange for a visit.

Our breeding mission:   To produce horses of good conformation, with a
strong tendency to foxtrot naturally.  We are not professional trainers, so
these babies must be able to do it on their own.    While some of our horses
may be mulit-gaited, and exhibit additional smooth gaits other than a foxtrot,
we believe the emphasis should be on the foxtrot.   

Our breeding plan is based around our firm belief that good saddle mares
make for good broodmares. We don't keep a "broodmare" band... our mares
are our riding horses, friends, and partners.   We see no reason on earth to
reproduce a mare that is good for nothing else.   We don't follow new fads,
such as breeding by a high number/low number system.   The only factors we
care about are the QUALITY factors... a smooth natural foxtrot, excellent
dispositions, easy trainibility , gorgeous heads and conformation, and that
wonderfully inquisitive & friendly nature this breed is renowned for.

When we are looking for a new mare for ourselves, we look for the ones that
produce the "Smile Factor" in us, the ones that are so much durn fun to ride
that you get a big cheesy grin on your face every time you saddle up.       

Those horses are the ones we want to produce more of, those are the horses
that find permanent loving homes, those are the ones that result in customers
sending us photos of themselves with their horses for years after the sale.

Our babies are handled from birth, and you won't find any 18 month old
youngsters started under saddle here.   If you're looking for a well-broke 2
year old, you'd best pass on by this site :-)  We don't care if they're not
started until four, as long as they're still sound and going strong at 20.
Home is where the horse is.......
Hidden Acres Foxtrotters
Hidden Acres Foxtrotters
Terre Haute, IN

Charla & Darrell Keller
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