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Hidden Acres Foxtrotters
Meet the ladies.....
Angel's Blue Diamond:
MFTHBA # 84-25936
Koscot's Jerimiah Chief x Sam's Angel

Shown here at age 23, Blue is my  "horse of
a lifetime".    She is a absolute powerhouse
of a mare, with more gears than any horse

Bue is still my #1 saddlehorse, and she
hasn't slowed down  much.   Blue can
perform a foxtrot and running walk, but her
gait of choice is a smooth fast rack.

Emporer's Travellin' Lass:  
MFTHBA # 01-70901
Emporer's Final Edition Y x Radar's Scarlett Lady

My first internet horse purchase!  Talk about scared to
death.  I had nothing but the word of the seller, and a video
tape of her at 4 weeks old which I had played over and over
til I practically killed it.    I had sent my deposit, and counted
the days until she would be weaned and the truck would
meet me halfway with her.    

The day arrived, the trailer door was opened for me, and
their she stood, amazed to see daylight again, and
wondering who on Earth this stranger was.    She quickly
overcame this though, and to this day still considers herself
to be my special baby.     She gave me a beautiful blue roan
filly this spring, who is every bit as sweet as her mom.

Nice true roan mare, shown successfully in English and
Western Pleasure at Ava.   Loves people more than other
horses, super gaited with both a foxtrot and running walk.

Rage's Baby Blue H:   94-44179

A dream of a ride, Baby Blue was owned and trained by Ron
Hollandsworth until we purchased her recently.   A show
horse deluxe, this girl can walk a hole in the ground.  
Second gear is nice too, but with that walk it's rarely

She is also adjusting well to her new career as a trail horse.

Bloobie is the dam of the 2008 Futurity Reserve  Open
Grand Champion!

The success of any breeding program rests heavily upon the shoulders of it's
mares.  No stallion in the world can compensate for a lack of quality mares.     In
addition to supplying 50% of the genetic makeup, the mare is also, for better or
worse, THE role model to their impressionable young foals.

We are huge fans of older horses... they have so much to offer in terms of  
enjoyment and sheer experience, and they also offer the added benefit of helping
to ensure that their foals also have the genetic makeup necessary to live both long
and useful lives.     After all, who wants to sink a dozen years of training,
friendship, and care into their foal, only to listen in dismay as your vet concludes
that his useful years are over...at a far too young age!   

Perfection's Black Ice DHF

"Ivy" is
one of the most naturally
calm mares I've ever had the
pleasure of working with.  She's
being pointed towards a career in
versatilty events and mounted
cowbowy shooting.

Annie Get Your Guns 06-90723

Sired by Cardinal's Gunslinger & out of
a Southern Jazz mare, Annie is about
as good as it gets for folks like us who
only get to the show once a year.   So
natural you can just pull her out of the
pasture, tune her up for a couple of
weeks, and go hit the ring at Ava and
expect to place.  

She's also got an exceptional mind
and temperment, and has been shown
both by novice & youth riders.   

I wish I had ten horses like this in my

She's getting a show canter this year,
look for us to be trying our hand in the
3 gait classes in June!